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Wish; restraints / loads that can be toggled on / off

All -    I'm loving the Rhino + SNS experience; the ability to rapidly analyse models in-situ in proving to fabulously powerful... A reque…

Started by Hugo DeRrick

0 Aug 6, 2012

WISH - expand material drop-down to show text extents

Hi Folks, Pretty self-explanatory. Not sure if you're constrained by some column width thing or what, but it really only makes sense to be…

Started by Ernest McCrank

0 May 4, 2012

Natural Frequencies

Morning:   Any chance of  getting the eigenvalue extraction or natural frequencies included sometime when Mike isnt too busy? I  usually ju…

Started by Bob Johansson

0 Mar 13, 2012

Changing Units

G'day, I have a model that was originally built and analysed accidentally using metres instead of millimetres. The units have been changed…

Started by Nick

4 Feb 27, 2012
Reply by Nick

Wheel Mouse Zoom

I have recently discovered that zooming with the wheel mouse does not work with SnS running. Maybe it has never worked but I only just noti…

Started by Nick

1 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by Michael Freytag

Strain Energy

Would it be possible to get SnS to calculate the total strain energy in a part?   I have had uses for this parameter previously. I believe…

Started by Bob Johansson

1 Jan 31, 2012
Reply by Michael Freytag

Restraint wish

Hello ! Is there any plan to add more restraint types, like the possibility to free X, Y or Z directions ? Thanks, -- Olivier

Started by Olivier Suire

8 Jan 29, 2012
Reply by Bob Johansson

Out of Plane Shear

Hello! I´m using SnS for aprox. calculation of structures in composites.  Although SnS only works with isotropic materials, it provides me…

Started by Jose Cristos

2 Jan 24, 2012
Reply by Jose Cristos

Solid export with data on nodes

  Hi, we are doing some analysis of solids which we are not able to work with using traditional software (GSA). What we are interested in i…

Started by Kristoffer Josefsson

2 Oct 27, 2011
Reply by Kristoffer Josefsson

missing commonly used industrial design plastics

Hi SnS developers,   I started playing with Scan and Solve yesterday, I like what I see so far, however I cannot do much with it unless it…

Started by gustavo fontana

0 Oct 15, 2011



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