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Scan-and-Solve Pro: Chair repair with curved wood and isotropic material simulation

The date is November 26th, 2015.  The family is just finishing up their second helpings of turkey on what appeared to be another successful thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Ellen’s until… Crack! It seems Uncle Dave had one to many servings of stuffing this year, and the chair he was sitting on broke from under him.  While the initial reaction was to make sure there were no serious injuries (which there weren’t), Aunt Ellen was later quite upset about her piece of furniture.  It was a…


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Simulating curved wood and selecting grain orientation

An important feature of the new Scan-and-Solve work in progress (WIP) software is the ability to simulate on wood, both straight and curved. This is a very useful addition for woodworkers, especially those working independently. Simulation and strain analysis is a very important preceding step to building to ensure both safety and longevity of a product. The SnS WIP wood feature allows for the accurate simulation of wood by accounting for the effect of grain direction and its role in…


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Femur Bone Prosthesis Force Analysis via Scan and Solve Work in Progress (WIP)


Displaced intracapsular femoral neck fractures in the elderly have a high risk of failed fixation, non-union, and avascular necrosis. A common operation to account for this is a hemiarthroplasty (replacement of femoral head and neck), which is a far less complicated procedure than a total hip replacement, and in most cases returns equivalent results. There are two…


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