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The ideal danger graph for me is the one found in SolidWork's plug-in "Cosmos Express" which is now called "Simulation Express".
The zones where Von Mises Criterion is below the material's Yield strength are in blue, and the ones which are above are in red.
Rainbow graphs are fancy, but make it impossible to spot the exact zones which fail...



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Hello Oliver!

I fully agree with your wish to get a more clear, two colored danger graph! Either the material bears a load or not. Certainly, we have on every material elastically or plastically demormation, but with this rainboy graph, the difference between elastic or plastic deformation could not be seen...

So maybe a three colored graph will be requested:
- blue for no deformation
- green for elastic deformation
- red for plastic deformation or cranking

With the resolution slider, the cross-section area of the single dots can be define!

Best Regards



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