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Thank you for the updated load dialogue in V1.1. Much more user friendly.


The vector load is waaay nicer now. I have one wish: I would find it really helpful to be able to 'flip' the vector. If this were the case, it would allow you  to (without drawing preliminary load construction geometry) pick a point for loading and then pull the vector away from it - flip it, and voila!


Or am I mistaken here with load vectors? Does it matter which side of a face the vector moves to/from?


Thanks again!


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Ernest,  glad you like the new interface.  You are correct about load vector behavior,  and we will consider the 'flip' option in the future releases.   But for now,  note that indicating negative values is equivalent to flipping the vector, for example,  if z is the direction, then   10 * (-z) = -10* (z) . 



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