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I did some test with the new version.  Altogether, I´m very happy with this new version! You have done a quite good design work!


Some suggestions from my side:

  • If the calculations start running, there is no chance to stop it! The "cancel" button is not active while calculation!
    I have done the "variable nozzle pressure test", I published in the gallerie with max resulution (100.000). My computer system is not the newest, and I have not so much main memory (4GB). After 20Min, the system told me, I haven´t enough space! The calculation for this ran for 10 Min, then for the last 10 Min, there was no reaction! There was no chance to abort the calcualtion!
  • Resolution:
    Like on the defelection view, there is a slider and a cell to either slide or promt a value! Can you add this also at the resulution?
  • Editing load surfaces:
    After choosen the load surfaces and specify them, there is no chance to edit the surfaces. Certainly you can edit the type of load and strength, but you cannot add or delete surfaces.
  • Mark button:
    This three button are quite good, finding out the maximum and minimum stress! But the layer or view is different on each! I think you done the direction of the arrow perpendicular to the surface. So in Perspective view, the view level of each label is different (see picture "Mark")
  • Report:
    Is it possible to create a report file as a PDF?


Best Regards




PS: I still miss a "torque" function :-)

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Re: Cancel-
Yes, the ability to [Cancel] the calculations would be nice. I'm mulling over approaches for doing this.

Re: Resolution-
The resolution number is only an a priori guesstimate of the number of elements that will be used. Is there a particular reason you'd like to specify a number manually?

Re: Editing load surfaces-
This, too, would be nice. The load stuff is all in the process of being revamped, and we may be able to add this.

Re: Mark button-
SnS adds the leader object to the document using a coordinate system based on the normal at the surface and set so +Z is "up". The ideas is to to hopefully position the leader outside the object. Do you have any suggestions for otherwise positioning the leaders?

Re: PDF report-
You can create a PDF file by printing the report from your web browser to a PDF printer (Adobe, CutePDF, BlueBeam). Oh, you want it to create PDF directly from SnS? Perhaps in the future when resources allow. If users are willing to pay for it, Adobe also has the 3D pdf format. How much is pdf output worth?

Re: Torque-
See the following "teaser". ;-)


Hello Michael!


We all are just BETA testers, so my suggestions are only the way I´m thinking when I work with the programm. It´s like: "Hey, it will be nice if this and that feature is included!"

For a given discount I´ll do my best to give some suggestions!


  • Cancel: The only approach now existing is: Strg + Alt + Del :-)
  • Resolution: I understand what you mean, but it is much faster to input some data via the TAB and the "number block" on the keyboard than moving slightly a mouse. It´s not a "must", but a "wish"
  • Editing load surfaces: Thanks, this would be nice
  • Mark button: I know this is a hard question. Either the leader object uses a direction perpendicular to the acutal view (in Perspective mode) or uses a specified direction. But it should be clear what direction the leader would use!
  • PDF: It´s only a "wish" not so important. It´s the possibitity to get the report one document. At the moment, when I click the "report" button, I have to determine where it will save all the stuff with the pictures and the tables. If a PDF is possible, I only have to determine the location to save one document. I think this is much easier!
  • Torque: THAT looks nice!!!




Torque can be available in the next release? That's great!

  • Cancel,Break(Pause) and Restart:It's should be very nice,but not very easy .Is it ,Michael?
  • Resolutions:We can specify a number manually in the future,can we? Because of that 100,000 may be insufficient,user can find out the acceptance number range.
  • Editing load surfaces:it's nice !if the boundary changed,all the linear system is rebuilt,If  S&S can solve cases asap. with 'meshfree';Editing load surfaces is the icing on the cake.
  • Compare to mark button: I'd like have a 'clip section' button with a slider :)


To Simon,

PDF,you can creat the pdf by print saving the each report html right after click the 'report';OR you can save the report as different names,you get the different documents.



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