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Although i feel, that SnS goes primary to the other branch than construction, even so i can ask, if Your SnS could include:

The first thing, i'm missing is possibility to insert restraint in translation or rotation to an edge of the face.

The second thing is marginal, but i've just met it. We got an interesting job to our office, there is some sculpture design, which will be located in Japan, it is interior sculpture, but it must resistant to an earthquake. So, do you plan to add loads of kinematic? I know, that this is ... immodest ... question :)

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Thanks for the suggestions. We initially did not want to restrain points and edges, because such restraints appear not physical. But many users are asking for this, so we may reconsider this in the future. For now, you could create and restrain small faces "near the edge", e.g. by blending the edge, or cutting it off with another surface.

And I understand your "immodest" question very well -- we are also working with a museum that has similar interests in earthquake simulation. Right now we are simulating static gravitational forces in various directions, but sooner or later we will add dynamic loads as well. It is not a question of modesty -- it is a question of time and money :-)
Thanks for reply, i understand to your reason with small faces.

And about dynamic load, i understand very well too, especially your note about time and money, i have somehobby, which is joined to sport, i do for many years, i try to evolve our sport equipment and i know very well, what effort it costs :) For some things i'm now trying to use the SnS too :) see "Loading according to the expected deformation" at the past of this discussion. But now your SnS with possibility of restraint in chosen axis can solve this, it's perfect!



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