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did You plan to add thermal loads (temperature distribution over surfaces) ?
if yes, can you anticipate rougly when this will be done ?

regards Paolo

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Thermal and thermo-structural analysis  are definitely on our roadmap.    However,   we prioritize our development  based on expressed user demand, and surprisingly there have not been many requests for thermo-structural analysis.   So I cannot really give you a target date at this time.   ... it would be good to hear from other users how important this capability is to them.

Very glad to hear that,It’s very important, of course.

Thermal ,thermo-structural and fluid mechanics are widely requested.

the thermal stress and deformation due to the thermal stress are very important issue in many industries.

I hope you put this analysis capabilities on SnS slover,soon.


For the development of a new screw-engine technology,
would be a thermal expansion analysis of very, very useful
and very, very helpful.
Please direct this feature soon.
With kind regards,
Klaus Stickdorn (Germany)



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