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Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino

Finally, i have some time to continue my cylinder test series as expected.

Here‘s the simple test, compared between Abaqus and S&S.
The same conditions as fellows;
1.Model .stp from the same geometry
2.Material both use the S&S default steel
Description Steel, Stainless (ferritic)
Density 7.8e-09 Mg/mm3
Elastic Modulus 200000 MPa
Poisson Ratio 0.28 

3. the loads&BCs

10Mpa pressure at the left outside surface,fixed at the inner circular surface.
for Abaqus,

for S&S


     Abaqus 71,682   HEXA

           S&S 68,000 



Over all,it's acceptable,and all the rainbow graphs mached very well,considered the 

'Finite element' methods.

I wish i can point out the maximu displacement& von mises stress location accurately in the model graph.

The comment was already in the report, 

Maximum 0.370057  {3.85924,28.6545,-15.4625}

but it's not very difficult to add a button for the option, i think.


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Double click on the max value at the end of the color bar. This will show you the location of the max for whatever it it is you are looking at. We are working on additional visualization utilities.
Thank you,Vadim!

Knowing that knack is enough,I think.



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