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A simple buckle model,can be solved easily by using S&S,of course.
But if when the deformation come to self penetration,what will the S&S do?
We may need the contact sometimes. 

I‘m not asking the S&S build a contact connection ...etc..It’s not the 'meshfree' idea.
I just wonder  will the elements rebuilded in the linear tree  ,when it happened.

Pls see the picture as below,(the original min distance =0.5mm)

Thank you.

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If the elements are larger than the gap, it means that you do not have enough resolution, and Scan&Solve will not fully resolve the gap, or any other such small feature. Increasing resolution will produce different results, and you will know that the solution did not converge. Ideally, the software should be able to identify such cases and even modify the resolution adaptively as needed ... and will happen ... eventually.
Thank you,very glad to hear that.



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