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Comment by Tomasz Wiatr on July 20, 2011 at 2:12pm


Of course information about "linear structural (elasticity) problem" is correct. All is o.k., honest and fair (without any marketing promises). I need to read all carefully.

I would like to explain, that (for example) shield i.e. tall beam have very complicated work, another than usual low beam. Fat plate is more complicated than thin plate etc. Of course You know about this complex theories, but users of Rhino3D can be designers or form creators and other people.

My message was not ideal, sorry. I think about this important "provissions" for every user, with big letter, bold latters, is safety "guard", because I see users! Software is great, but users only people.


Comment by Vadim Shapiro on July 20, 2011 at 1:23pm

Dear Tomasz, I think that your comments are misplaced --  please see the product documentation, which of course includes known limitations of the software.  

More generally,  your modest opinion is duly noted,  and of course as you pointed out,   your comments are applicable to any FEA program or any engineering software that matter.  The subject of who should be "allowed" using engineering analysis softwrae widely debated on the internet and in the professional literature.     But it is really besides the point, because it reminds of the time when driving cars was too dangerous (still is),  or draftsmen were not allowed to use CAD systems, etc.     So declaring mechanics to be very complicated/complex problem is not very helpful.    Of course it is complicated.   So is geometry.  So is algebra.  A more relevant question is how to raise the level of education, skill, and awareness -- broadly, for an average reasonably educated user -- and which tools are helpful in this pursuit.    This is what Scan&Solve is all about.


Scan&Solve computes numerical approximation to linear structural (elasticity) problem.  It's validity has been established both theoretically and experimentally.   Like all software packages,  it has some limitations  and like all software packages,  it can be misused.     It is not really helpful to tell me people that their simulations are wrong ... particularly since all simulations are wr0ng, by definition.   If you have specific constructive suggestions on how to solve the same problems better,  or if you want to share some of your professional wisdom with other users,  I am sure that it would be much appreciated and would be very helpful.

Comment by Tomasz Wiatr on July 20, 2011 at 1:17pm


Of course tool/software is o.k.  but simplicity of software operating is not the same with simplicity of analysis, but "soft is good", exciting. We need to buy it for exploration and deep testing. Good luck!

Comment by Tomasz Wiatr on July 20, 2011 at 11:21am

Great job Dear Masters, but in second part of presentaion analysis is unreal, uncorrect. Any assumptions are not possible at this base (any), but can be dangerous for user. If user is not professional him results can be lamentable. Strength and deflection analysis is serious and complicated problem. It is job only for some engineers, even not for all engineers. Not every engineer can be da Vinci, specially any other civil man or achitect. This is not Plug&Play problem - in my modest oppinion, it is not experiment with real or unreal rendering and special, virtual effects! Mechanics of real structures is very, very complicated/complex problem. Software can be tool for "bad job" in practice. System must be tested in some real structures (like a beta version) before selling it. It is dangerous to sell/buy it before professional testing (not usual testing of buttons and menu, but alghoritms)! I am professional enginner and I see weakness, but idea if fine at all. Every advanced FEA system on the world (including the best/the biggest systems on Earth) have assumptions, restrictions and exclusions! Every. This system have only price without any provisions/restrictions/exceptions. It is dangerous, very dangerous. In my oppinion this tool can be tool only for compact, one material, one element solids, not any civil or military structures. Without testing it is only exciting fun, exciting but fun. I am engineer.


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