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What caused the cracks in Michelangelo's David?

 SnSMesh tells all: Scan&Solve for Meshes in Rhino


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You may have seen the stories in media about how Scan&Solve is changing the future of structural simulation.   Well,  this future is now here, and in Rhino.   Watch this short video showing how easy it is simulate structural problems discovered in Michelangelo's David.  


But do not take our word for it.  Try it for yourself on any valid mesh model, from any source or format.  In  Rhino simply:

  1. Select a valid closed meshdavid high stress areas
  2. Select the material (standard or custom) 
  3. Apply the restraints
  4. Apply the loads (surfaces or body) 
  5. Click Go
  6. View, Report, Bake or 3D print the amazing results


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