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Scan-and-Solve Pro Analysis on Prosthetic Feet


Prosthetic feet give amputees the ability to walk, run, and participate in everyday activities again. Over the past decade, technology and research have expanded the functionality of prosthetic feet so that there are now a wide range of feet to choose from. The heavy wood and steel materials that were previously used have been replaced by lightweight plastics, metal alloys and carbon fiber…


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Analysis of the Significance of Helmets in Football Head Collisions


Football helmets are designed to protect the skull against bruising and fracture during linear impacts. The two key aspects that allow the helmet to do this is by slowing down acceleration and distributing the force over a larger area. The acceleration is reduced through deformation of the outer shell and liner of the helmet that spreads the force…


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Structural Mechanics for Jaw Bone Reconstruction Surgery


Currently there are a variety of methods available for the treatment of oral cancer; however, surgery is the most well established mode of treatment for the majority of oral cancers [1]. Mandibulectomy is a surgery that includes removing all or part of the mandible (the jaw bone). If an x-ray of a jaw bone finds that the tumor has grown into the bone…


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