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Version 1.4 of Scan&Solve with Edge Restraints

This free service release adds another frequently requested feature:   the ability to restrain solids along linear edges.    The new feature eliminates the need for creating small faces in order to impose rotational restraints.   Watch a short video

This and numerous other improvements are intended to keep Scan&Solve users happy throughout the holiday season:

  • Edge restraints
  • Better licensing support
  • Fully functional support for multiple monitors
  • Numerous improvements in visualization and error handling
  • Improved accuracy for small restraints
  • Minor bug fixes

Available to all licensed users and as evaluation for new users.   Download Version 1.4 service release of Scan&Solve™ here.

Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes in 2012 from all of us at Intact Solutions!

Last updated by Michael Freytag Jan 14, 2013.


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