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Version 1.2 of Scan&Solve with colored baking and 3D printing

Version 1.2 (Service Release) of Scan&Solve

with colored baking and support for 3D printing


This free service release adds one of the most requested features to Scan&Solve:   support for color baking and exporting the computed results in popular formats for 3D visualization and 3D printing. 

  • Bake mesh into Rhino document 
  • Export as PLY or VRML  files for 3D visualization and modeling 
  • Save as STL or VRML file for 3D printing 
  • Choose plain or full color 
  • Use original or deformed models   
  • Watch a short video demonstration  

Other improvements include ability to interactively erase markers,  improved licensing support, as well as minor bug fixes.     


Available to all licensed users and as evaluation for new users.   Download Version 1.2 service release of Scan&Solve™ here.

Last updated by Scan&Solve Jul 26, 2011.


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