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Webinar: Scan&Solve 2014 features and uses

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Friday, June 6, 11am CDT
SnS modelsJoin us in this free live webinar with Dr. Michael Freytag to learn about the powerful new features in Scan&Solve 2014, currently in beta and scheduled to be released on June 18, 2014. See how easy it is to perform structural simulation on your designs in Rhino whether they are polysurfaces, extrusions, or meshes. Learn how to interpret the results and how to export the simulated models for visualization and/or 3D printing.  Follow this link to see more features.   
(Australia & Asia)
(Americas & Europe)

Reminder:  Scan&Solve 2014 Beta is currently available absolutely free to all Rhino users until June 18, 2014.  During this period, you can upgrade your current 1.x license with 40% discount or you can purchase a new license at 20% discount off the regular price.  

For pricing and more details please visit or pre-order your Scan&Solve 2014 license here




This upgrade is free to all users who purchased Scan&Solve license after June 1, 2013.  
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