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Scan&Solve 2014 is now available

SnS modelsScan&Solve 2014 for Rhino has finally been released following the beta period that ended on  June 18.   If you are currently using Scan&Solve 2014 Beta,  it will stop working on June 20th.   To continue using Scan&Solve 2014, you need to download and install the released version of the software.  The installation will replace the beta version with the final released product.  


Scan&Solve 2014 for Rhino expands the power and simplicity of structural simulation to any solid solid geometry (polysurfaces, extrusions, meshes) within Rhino 5. It offers many powerful features, including faster solvers, higher resolutions, and automation through Rhinoscript. Follow this link to see more features,  or watch the recorded webinar. 


If you are currently using Scan&Solve Version 1.6 or earlier, you would need to  upgrade in order to use Scan&Solve 2014.  This upgrade is free to all users who purchased Scan&Solve license after June 1, 2013.  To receive the free upgrade please send email with your current license information to

And remember to join the  Scan&Solve community and share your experiences. 

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