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Scan&Solve Pro Beta is released!

The WIP version of Scan&Solve finally graduated to  Scan&Solve Pro Beta.  Download it now

Scan&Solve Pro  brings numerous technological advances developed with partial funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, specifically in support of bonded heterogeneous multi-material structures made of complex anisotropic materials such as wood and bent laminates. Scan&Solve Pro incorporates many other advanced features, including multiple simulation scenarios and improved layout. Follow the link for more details.

Most importantly, Scan&Solve Pro sets a new standard in ease and simplicity for performing structural simulation. Watch this short video to see how.

Whether you have operated Scan&Solve lately or not, you no longer have an excuse not to give it a try: the beta version of Scan&Solve Pro  is absolutely free to all Rhino users!  Download it now.  

Last updated by Claire Griesbach Mar 14, 2017.


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