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Scan&Solve 2013 WIP has arrived

If you are a proud owner of Rhino 5 running on a powerful 64 bit machine,  you deserve to experience the power and flexibility Scan&Solve 2013 - the latest and most powerful combination of Scan&Solve tools available yet.  Numerous advanced features and improvements in Scan&Solve 2013 include:
  • built-in support for SnSMesh and SnSScript
  • single SnS command to any solid geometry (polysurfaces, lightweght extrusions, meshes) within Rhino;
  • real-time visualization of solution progress in the original SnS solver;
  • new alternative powerful solvers from Intel: 
    • DSS - a direct solver delivers speed by using more memory
    • ISS - an iterative solver that may often improve performance
  • increased resolution to maximum of 500,000 elements;
  • settings tab and additional controls;
  • numerous performance improvements and bug fixes. 
Best of all, you can experience Scan&Solve 2013 WIP right now at no additional cost.   This WIP is available immediately to all licensed and evaluation  users of Scan&Solve. The current version will operate until June 21, 2013.  Follow this  link to download. 


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Last updated by Scan&Solve May 23, 2013.


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