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SNSScript WIP: scriptable Scan&Solve has arrived

Introducing SnSScript WIP:
Scan&Solve™ scripting plug-in for Rhinoscript

It is only a work in progress (WIP) version, but it is actually a big deal.  Now, you can put Scan&Solve in a loop! This means you can run multiple case scenarios and create scripts for form finding, shape comparison, selection, and optimization. You can also completely automate convergence studies,  and explore the solutions to your structural problems algorithmically.   Unleash your Rhino's creativity with SnSScript!


SnSScript provides all the power and simplicity of Scan&Solve, seamlessly combined with the flexibility and convenience of Rhinoscript.  But do not take our word for it!   Give it a try and tell us what you think.   See the documentation for more details.

The WIP version of SnSScript is free and available to all users with commercial or academic licenses of Scan&Solve for Rhino 4 (32 bit) and Rhino 5 (64 bit). Follow this link to download.

Last updated by Scan&Solve Jun 11, 2012.


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