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Resolution Visualization in Scan&Solve 2013 WIP

Have you ever wondered how Scan&Solve allocates the finite elements? And  how does one pick  the right resolution? Is it high enough to give you meaningful answers? Is it low enough to give them to you fast?   The new resolution grid display option is here to help. Watch short video to see how.  
Other improvements in the latest version of Scan&Solve 2013 for Rhino WIP include minor bug fixes and new features, such as ability to select fonts and colors used for the display of legend (follow the link for more details).
 And do not forget other powerful features available only in Scan&Solve:  
  • native support for any solid geometry (polysurfaces, lightweight extrusions, meshes) within Rhino without preprocessing;
  • real-time visualization and alternative solvers tailored to your problems and preferences; 
  • resolution to maximum of 500,000 elements.  
Best of all, you can continue using Scan&Solve 2013 WIP right now at no additional cost.   This WIP is available immediately to all licensed and evaluation  users of Scan&Solve. The current version will operate until September 21, 2013.  Follow this  link to download. 

Last updated by Scan&Solve Aug 29, 2013.


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