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I am working with the BETA and I have input a number of materials, Stainless steels AISI 316L Sheet, Plate, & 317L Sheet & Plate.  The names are quite similar.  I create a new material by clicking copy and then rename & adjust the values.  I work in Inches, pounds, etc. & so I change the drop-down at the bottom when I input values.  However, after I close SNSPro (click Done so it saves) then re-open in the same Rhino file, the units of the values I input in inches, pounds, etc. are then showing up in pascals & newtons - only not converted, but showing the values I put in.  Also, on changing the values (first using the drop-down to select inches, pounds, etc) it sometimes adds an additional material and/or changes the names of the other similar materials I have just added.  I am not sure what is happening, or why.  I have another instance of SNSPro running in another Rhino window, but those values were changed & saved(clicking Done) prior to opening the additional instance of SNSPro.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

I just thought, maybe it's not the latest version . . . but then again I believe it automatically updates, right?


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Hello Mike,

Sorry for your troubles with the material editor.  I'll look into this and let you know what I find.

As a temporary workaround for editing isotropic materials, you can use the material editor in SnS 2014.

The plug-in doesn't update automatically, but the BETA does expire on a regular basis.




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