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Hello, Michael,

I am curious about your wonderful  Scan0-and-Solve for Rhino. it is similar with the IGA without preprocessing. Can you please tell me what's your method ?

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I assume that IGA refers to "isogeometric analysis".   A short answer is no,  it is not similar.  The idea behind IGA is to use the same representation (often,  NURBSs) for both geometry and analysis.  In contrast,  Scan&Solve treats geometry as a "black box" that can answer the geometric queries, such as point test, distance test, etc.   IGA and Scan&Solve have superficial similarities:   Scan&Solve uses B-splines as basis functions and supports of basis functions in both methods do not conform to the geometric domain.  ... except that Scan&Solve solved that problem,  and whereas IGA does not have any standard solution. Many other problems remain unsolved in IGA:  it still requires 3D meshing,  does not work with trimmed splines, etc. 

You can find more technical details about  Scan&Solve here,  or in this published paper.  Please let us know if you have other questions.   

Thanks,Michael. It is really nice.



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