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I'm working on a hollow solid, i.e solid cut out of a bigger solid with gravity as force.

Now it would be useful to preserve the volume of the inner solid. Could this be added as a restraint easily?

A crude approximation is to add a pressure force to each of the facets of the inner solid, but there is no guarantee that this preserves the volume in all cases.


Any thoughts, or plans on adding it to SnS?




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I'm pretty sure I'm not properly imagining what you are describing.  I'm envisioning a hollowed out sphere with some boundary thickness.  Of course, in Rhino, the inner surface must be connected to the outer surface to make it into one solid.  Can you do something like this (clipping turned on):

The inner surface can be restrained, thus retaining it's volume.



Yes this is the topology I imagine. However, I would like to allow the shape of the inner sphere to change, with only the volume being preserved. In the above example under gravity, I would guess maybe a kind of sessile drop would be the resulting shape (under proper angular boundary conditions)









Perhaps this is a difficult constraint, I just wanted to throw it out there as a wish-list..

Ah, I knew I was not imagining this properly.  Yes, that is a "difficult constraint" -one that suggests large deformations and iterative form-finding.

We'll put it on the wish list, but I think this may become an end-user scripting exercise, once we've added scripting capabilities to SnS.




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