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Hi To S&S team


It would be nice to have  the vector load

with a option to select a line from Rhino and a scale factor

This makes very simple to input a load with a direction in space

since we just draw a unit vector and then scale it to desired loadvalue




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I totally second this!


This would make adding loads so much easier, especially when they get more complicated.

Please add this to your to-do list.





Actually,  this option is already implemented in WIP version .   Give it a try and tell us what you think ... it is soon to become part of service release Version 1.1

Hi Vadim,


First of all, thanks for adding Vector loads.

I have just installed SR 1.1, but can't find the option you've mentioned.

Is this documented anywhere?



Sorry,  we are behind on updating the documentation.  But it is easy.    In the Boundary Load Creator window,  choose Vector force Direction and Magnitude;  click on Direction to select a vector.  See below. 




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