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I am trying to produce a structural diagram similar to the infamous CCTV diagram- that of an unrolled skin with highlighted stress areas.

Any thoughts on how to maybe embed the graphic color info onto an unrollable surface to then be unrolled?

A bit tricky, but i figured i would ask!

Love the plugin btw!



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Benjamin, I am not sure about the CCTV diagram, but it seems that you are asking a general question about flattening a surface. This is a well studied problem in differential geometry, geometric modeling, and computer graphics. Generally speaking, only special surfaces (developable surfaces) may be flattened without distortion. Looks like Rhino can do this and it also has some experimental functionality for more general flattening, but there seems to be quite a few limitations. Flattening solid boundary requires making some number of cuts, which is a difficult computational problem in itself. Now, IF all of this worked in Rhino, we would still have a problem of tracking the correspondence between the points on the original boundary boundary surface and flattened surface, and I am not sure how easy this would be.

Interesting request ... why is this useful or important?



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