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I downloaded the evaluation installer today.Although I am connected to the internet .Scan and solve is unable to activate.

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I think you just type SnS at the command prompt. It will work for a couple of weeks

like that, then stop.


If you buy a license the you type in SnSActivate to get up and running.


Im not sure if you have to be connected to the internet to run the evaluation.

Vadim and Mike like to know who s using the software though, so I wouldn't

be surprised.

Thanks Bob.


Sometimes intervening firewalls or proxy servers can cause problems with the licensing system.

Run the SnSHostid command in Rhino and send us your computer's hostid.  We can generate an evaluation license for you.


Hi Michael,

I ran the snshostid  ,then I got a prompt for to send it to clicked yes to send .I am not sure if I should post the host id here.Should I be also mailing it again after the above method which i did already.


Shaikh Hussain

Email the code ( ID) to:


Don't post the ID here

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the info.I have sent the id to .It helped.

Its working now.


Shaikh Hussain

I had the same sort of problems. Mike got it all fixed up for me.

Its Monday morning so he will probably reply in an hour or two.



So it is not possible to install the evaluation version without internet connection?

First time I installed the Scan&Solve I did not have an internet connection. After that each time when I run the Rhino and the "new plugins detected" window starts to appear, Rhino crashes.

Is it absolutely necessary to have internet connection in order for Scan and Solve to be installed?

You can install Scan&Solve without an internet connection by copying the installer to the target computer.  However, an internet connection is required to activate the evaluation license on the target computer using the [Start Evaluating Scan&Solve] button.

If you uninstall Scan&Solve from your computer, does Rhino stop crashing?  Are you using any out of the ordinary plug-ins?



So basically I could install it, but I could not use it (because it needs to be activated in order for using it)?

Rhino stops crashing after I uninstall the Scan and Solve from that computer.
I am using Vray and Grasshopper as Rhino plugins. But they did not make any trouble.

The evaluation license can also be installed manually if you send us your computer's hostid.  You would have to use the SnSHostid command to see what the hostid is, but if Rhino is crashing you won't be able to do that.  Even without a license Scan&Solve should not crash Rhino.

What version of Rhino are you running?  What operating system?


I do not know what to say Michael, but it seems it crashes because of Scan&Solve.

Rhino 4 SR8, Windows XP SP3



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