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currently you can only apply uniform loads;
you should think of the triangular loads, such as occurs in the beam-wall connections (onplate).
I designed a simple roof beams on four double-T and I had problems to apply thereaction constraint at the edge of the beam-wall.
The calculation I had done manually, using the book "Mechanics of Structures ", published by McGraw Hill, but I had trouble inserting the plate-wall reaction forcesbecause they were triangular, I folded on the vector equivalent to one third of the triangle.

Another problem: I have made a comparison of price/effectiveness between Scan andSolve software with other published on the "Plug in third-party" of
Software compared: the bundle Cadre Pro and Straus7:
Straus7 prise $ 4,000 + VAT, OK!,

but Cadre Pro (the full software package of 5) price 620+ VAT.
Question: The cost of SnS is not excessive ($ 695 + VAT), since for now it has all the functionality of Cadre Pro?
I think the advantage that SnS is "internal" Rhino does not justify a higher price.

Germano Pecoraro

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Thanky for the suggestions. I assume that by triangular load, you mean a load that is linearly distributed over some edge. We will be adding more types of loads in the future, but we have not decided yet if edge loads should be allowed. Generally speaking, the loads should always be applied to faces. But linearly distributed loads over faces are indeed important.

On the price comparison: if you are satisfied with functionality of mesh-based FEA packages, you do not need Scan&Solve.   Our goal is to integrate design and analysis, geometry and physics, modeling and simulation as one.   There is no other package today, at any cost, that achieves this level of integration.   So no, we do not think that the price is excessive, and in fact several users commented that it was too low.   And of course, our pre-release prices are even lower than low!



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