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I've lost my colored stress visulasation in Rhino.

Were did I go wrong?

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Scan&Solve uses texture mapping to display the color contours .  Are you able to perform texture mapping on other objects in Rhino?

In performing the texture mapping, Scan&Solve must also write the legend bitmap into the Windows temporary folder.  If for some reason the bitmap cannot be written, then it also cannot display in color.  You might try the solution near the bottom of this page:

Please let us know what you discover.




The problem seems to appears when I restrict the restrains to X,Y or Z. 

Probably something thats blocked in the trialversion.

Am I right?



No, that doesn't sound right.   Nothing is "blocked" in the trial version.

There should be no connection between the restraints you apply and the texture mapping.  If there is, I'd like more details, as that would be an, uh... "undocumented feature" :-).




I keep reproducing this error; every time I restrict one of the axis of the restraint the <Go> button is not availeble (grey).

Looks like you have only one restraint.  If it is partial (in some directions only),  then  your solid is not fully restrained.   This means that the solid can move, and the stress analysis problem is not well defined.    So you need to make sure that your solid is fully restrained (in all directions) before the "Go" button becomes available.

You'r right!; this solves the problem with the button.

Problems with screen visulasation are caused by the window-settings in Rhino.

In render-modus the mapping could be below a surface so not visible; turning to wireframe solves this!


Over and out!


Vadim, Thanks for your prompt response.

hey guys!

i have the same problem :(

everything works except the colors.

i tried wireframe mode. i can also see normal texture mapping.

but i cant find a generated bitmap in my win temp folder. should there appear a *.bmp after processing with sns?

thanks for your time!

i already followed the first posted link and cleared my temp folder...

Scan&Solve writes the texture bitmaps to

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Legend_20##.bmp, where ## is one of 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 38, or 39.

Try checking the permissions on the Temp folder to ensure it is writable.


PS... I noticed the link to was going to the wrong place.  I've since updated it to the correct URL in case you were ending up in some weird place unrelated to the temp directory.

I have some problem with you all..

There is a successful finish ? If yes can you tell me how to repair it ?

Please help, thnks.


Hi Arief,

I have some debugging steps for you to try. Under the Scan&Solve view tab, select "Bake", check the box for "Rhino Mesh Object", select the ellipses after the texture box and select a location to save the color map.

Click Ok and close Scan&Solve. If you change your viewport to be a rendered view, you should see that Rhino has made a mesh with a color texturemap applied to it.

Let me know if this works,


Thank's for your reply Will Sixel,

I have done it, but the result be like a meshing. You can look in my attachment.

I have changed to be rendered view, but nothing color. There is another suggestion ?




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