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What is the current status for multi-body support? Is there an approximate completion date?


Kind regards,


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Hello Sam,

I am presently re-designing the plug-in to support analysis on multiple bodies in "glued" contact.  This requires some fundamental changes to the internal workings as well as the user interface.  I can't begin to estimate a completion date, but it will likely be measured in multiple months.



Hi Michael,

Would it be possible to work in friction contacts at the same time?


Hello Sam,

That is a MUCH taller order... i.e. I would not count on it.


Hi Michael,

I'm hoping for an update on mult-body support. I understand you won't be able to incorporate frictional contact for some time. But what about things like friction less pin joint connections between members? Please see the attached image and let me know if this will be possible.


P.S., I realize this example could be solved by hand, I just provided it to illustrate the friction-less pin joints.



Sorry to disappoint you,   but we are not close enough to set a target date.    Most likely it will have to wait for Version 2.0.  We are releasing improvements as fast as we can develop them with the resources available to us.   64 bit version is next.


Designing sailboats, I'd like to model and analyse

  • hull stresses (with non isotropic materials like FRP (fiberglass strands+epoxy)) with keel at some angle of heel,
  • mast stresses (aluminium/Carbon mast+spreaders with stainlesssteel stays/shrouds).

i.e different materials interconnected.


Note : with BV Compose-IT software, I'm able to calculate the XYZ mechanical properties of a specific laminate.


checking back to see if you have any time frame yet for multi-body support?





I think figuring out frictionless contact is really hard to do.

Frictional contact would be pretty amazing.



I'd be happy with just glued assemblies.

Michael, your July 7 post mentioned it was a work in progress. Have you put it aside, or can you take a rough guess? Like one month, or one year?



Any update on this one? Is frictional contact possible yet?




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