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Finally I have found some time to make a small SnS test. I have taken the steel part from my last post and checked it in Straus7. The brick mesh I made in Straus is quiet nice and clean and the SnS resolution is reasonable.

Now the results: The deflections are similar in size, but the shapes are a bit different (the zero displacement spot in Straus is in the middle of the plate, in SnS a the upper edge of the plate). The stress peaks are at same places, but the stresses are very different. Checked loads, checked material, checked restraints, checked model, checked analysis type - all the same between SnS and Straus.

Now I am a little bit confused, which one of the results is closer to reality? What could cause those differences?



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Hi William,

I cannot reply to your last post, but to close this issue from my side just a comment that obviously FE mesh density and SnS resolution is to be chosen carefully.

I am glad that you have found the time to check the model and I agree that SnS is without discussion the faster way to do it.




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