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specifying units in Material property table in reports

Is there a way to specify the units that are listed in the Material Property Table?  I input properties in the Custom material in IPS, but the report has material properties listed in MKS.  SnsPro.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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It is not currently possible for users to change the units used for the material in the report, but I'll make a note to have something added to the next release.

Presumably you want the units to match the unit system used for the simulation?


Yes, units in the the reports matching those chosen for the simulation would be great Michael, I look forward to it. As a work around, I just modify the .html file & change the units there. I suppose I could make up a python component in Grasshopper to substitute the units, if I wanted to automate it. Thanks Michael. Cheers!

Just remember to convert the numbers, too! :-)




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