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is seems to be impossible to solve Solids with hollow parts ( like a tennis ball or so) in Scan and Solve. Rhino can't (or better: i don't know a way to ) generate a solid body. It just identificates unconnected closed surfaces.

But it is simple to create a half tennis ball solid, cause the surface is closed.

Is it possible to create on the cut face a "symmetric" boundary condition or is there an other way to simulate problems like this?

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Sönke,  yes this is a known issue in Rhino -- at least according to this earlier thread which also suggests a kind of workaround;   it may or may not be Ok for your purposes.     As to your question on symmetry,  of course, symmetry is often used to reduce the problem size in standard FEA;     but you have to look at whole problem (including restraints and loads) in order to see if symmetry can be used and what the correct boundary conditions should be.   Perhaps if you can post the complete problem, people may have some comments/suggestions.    ... but a better solution may be to ask McNeel about fixing the issue in Rhino, which seems reasonable ...



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