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Another wish that can really detonate SnS (at least for me):

- the ability to link a function, a value or a slider in GH and one result in SNS

- conditions that must be satisfied (in that link) or reached with a reiteration of solvings.

For example, in GH  there's a slider (or a value) that defines the thikness of or the height of a beam, and I link it with the Total Deflection in SnS, with the condition that it must  be smaller  than |10|mm.

Here's an idea of the cycle:

- you pick up your bicycle and go for dinner after completing the GH definition(finally)
- SnS solves the first geometry
- if the deflection is, for example, |12|mm SnS increases the height of the beam by 10% (in GH)
- Sns solves again the new beam finding a deflection of |9|mm
- work done.
- otherwise SnS increases again by 10%, until the condition is satisfied.

You can finally kiss your kids and go to bed with your wife, before midnight :)

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Cristian, I really like your posts because you somehow manage to find just the right balance between the dream and reality. By now, I expected somebody to ask if we could update the stress solution in real time as you move slider in GH ... or if we could actually tell you which parameter in GH should be modified if you want to decrease max stress, etc. And actually, the answers to both of these would be "yes" -- in a year or two. But your scenario looks very doable without much development effort. Basically, we need have to figure out how to couple GH and SnS -- and perhaps think a bit about user interaction and controls. So stay tuned ...


PS At least, you can already enjoy the first two steps in your scenario! :-)
Thank you Vadim, I'm sure you can make it work, maybe simply selecting wich value must be written to a TXT file (GH can import data from external files).
Very interesting discussion!
If SnS could vary the resolution and force directions from a GH definition, we are a long way. If we also can get the results back into Grassopper we can set up an optimization loop. That should be great both for getting an overview and for refining results.

Fredrik you read my mind, well we've discussed it ;) I could really use this for a project i am working on! Would save so much time.



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