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I was defining a custom material and haven't placed the vertical separators in the materials.txt file at the exact position which caused Rhino to instant-crash when clicking the solid for analysis. After examining the materials file and placing the separators in the exact place, SnS worked normally. Is there a possibility to make SnS less sensitive, or to have the material file in a different, "dummy-proof" format?


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Try the latest version (2010.10.6). In this version I've added extra checks to try to avoid crashing the system for a mal-formed materials file. Before installation, sure to save your old material file, because the installer will overwrite the materials.txt file in the installation directory.

Manual editing of the material file is only a temporary method for adding/editing materials. We will soon be adding the ability to modify materials directly through the interface, so the material format will become irrelevant. We appreciate your patience as we add these features.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the response and the efforts to make even such "small" items work better.




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