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I was trying to do some comparisons between 2 solvers - and trying to measure the time each run took. Problem is the only way I could find is using a stopwatch, since there is no way (that I can see) to measure how long each job takes. Of course I am never there when the run ends...

Having this information after each run would be very useful to plan runs. I also wonder if there isn't some way of doing some prediction based on the size of the model and the power of the CPU...

It this something you could add? Something as simple as "Calculation took 34 minutes 18 seconds)"

Kind regards,


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Hello Tom,

Would you want this in the report, or would a simple message in the UI be sufficient?


Hello Michael

For my purposes having a UI message might be enough as I don't always produce a report. Many times I have to do a couple of different load cases, so knowing how long the last one took should give me an indication of how long the next one will take.

Kind regards,




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