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I live in SI-world (Europe). We have to use SI-systems in our calculations. When I choose loads in meter, second and kilogram, I also expect to have my results in SI-units. But the report use quite weird units like Mg which is megagram in SI-system, but the huge number tells it to be more likely milligram. So you mix M (mega) and m (milli) in prefixes. Please, use only kg (kilogram) as a unit for mass in mechanics. Always.

The other weird unit is in density, Mg/mm3. In SI-world this is megagram/cubic millimeter. Quite a big unit. If here M is milli (which again is an error), so mg/mm3 could technically be a correct density unit, but no-one uses it or could understand it straight ahead. You use the correct density unit, kg/m3, in material list. Please, use that in the report also.

MPa and mm are correct and used units. 

This can sound like nick-picking. But, the problem of these kind of report is, that weird units destroy the credibility of the calculation immediately, when you start looking it. This report cannot be shown to a colleague, except maybe for a laugh. Not to mention the customer.

Hope you correct your report generator as soon as possible.

Attached a test report with my comments.

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