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I am trying to build a model

As i add complexity  to the model I eventually get to a point where SNS doesn't let me continue; displaying the message "Selected object is not a valid solid object" even though SNS has accpeted the model before with only slightly less complexity.

can anybody help me in solving the issue? Is there, for example, a Rhino tool that i can use to join all the parts of the model together in a simplified manner?

any help will be greatly appreciated


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is it a mesh object or a solid one?

it is a solid object. i have attached images below to show my problem. the first image is accepted by SNS. the second image with the new pipe Booleaned together will not be accepted....

What i really want to do, is import into SNS a model like the 3rd image.....

Thank you.

Hello George,

Scan&Solve doesn't do anything special beyond what Rhino functionality says about a shape being a valid closed polysurface that represents a valid solid.  I do see in your first image some odd half cylinders residing inside the joint piece - this suggests something is not quite right with the original solid.  Also note that Rhino's Boolean operations are finicky about unioning disparate solids with coincident surfaces.

This link may help you diagnose what is going wrong:




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