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Seeking additional material suggestions: What materials would you like added?

Hello Scan-and-Solve community,

I am currently seeking additional materials that users would like to see added to the Scan-and-Solve material library

There is already a solid foundation of metals, plastics, and woods, as well as the option to customize one's own material, however if there are any materials you wish were included please post them here.



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Hi Ben:

Maybe adding more concrete type materials... like GFRC or SFRC... that would be great!, also light concrete...and more architectural construction materials to simulate precasted concrete parts for example.

by the way....I think there is an error in tensile strength of concrete materials @ default library  (actually 10 times lower than suposed tensile strength of these two materials, as midstrength concrete is about... 1,05 E^6 Pa)

Thanks in advance

Hi Ale,

Thanks for pointing out the error. For the time being, you can fix it by adding your own custom material. Also, is there a good source, in case you have come across, for properties of such construction materials? 

Thanks again for the feedback.

G Kumar

Intact Solutions

Thanks Goldy

I think there are lots of info on this but this article is a brief introduction for GFRC.

I'll try to find more technical data and come back here with the links

Best regards


Here atached a pdf with something else on tensile and compresive properties of SFRC and GFRC




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