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 SnSScript is working fine for the last 3 weeks. With Rhino5 64Bit there are no memory or stability problems. The simulation has implied about 20000 invocations of the SnS so far.  I think this is a good product and suits well for the application as addin in Rhino.

I would like to have some more information about the underlying algorithm: Are there any references to the convergence behavior of this method? I am interested in error bounds for the displacement.


Thank you in advance


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Glad to hear that SnSScript is doing what it is supposed to do!   When you are asking about "convergence behavior of this method" are you asking about the SnS solver?   For numerical purposes,  it is an improved version of FEA solver with linear elements.   You can find the technical details in this downloadable  while paper   most of which was also published in archival journal Finite Elements in Analysis and Design published by Elsevier.  It shows some convergence results among other things. 

If you are asking about convergence of the method within  your script, then it is something else.   We would be very interested in learning more about how you are using it.   



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