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I have played around but had no luck... is it possible to render with the contour plots?

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At the moment, contour plots are visible only when the Scan&Solve View tab is active.

There have been requests for color surface mesh output in VRML 2.0 format for color rapid prototyping, and it is on the wish/to-do list.

Would a mesh "Baked" with color be adequate for rendering purposes, or do you have something else in mind?


I've been trying to find a means of outputting the color information, is a mesh baked with color something which is on the horizon?  Is there another way I might be able to extract that information?

Thanks,  Brett

At the moment, there is no way to output the color information in a way that is associated with the model in all its 3D glory.  This capability is "on the horizon".


Ow the mesh output for rapid prototyping would be a great feature, i certainly would make good use of it!  I think that would do, i am no software genius so do not know what would work best,  i guess if you start wanting to apply gloss etc things become more complicated... Thanks for the reply.   




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