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Is there anyway to remove the WIP expired notifications permanently?

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If this is coming from an earlier installation of SnSScript (pre- SnS_2013 WIP) the following should work:

1.  Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs (Uninstall a program)

2.  Right click on SnSScript ---some_version_info--- from the list.

3.  Choose Uninstall.

If that doesn't work, let us know and we can try another route.


G'day Michael,

Thanks for the quick response.

Tried it but get the following error message. Should I try any of the other SnS products in that list?

Choose [Yes] in the "Programs and Features" dialog then try to uninstall the other SnSScript installations.


G'day Michael, unfortunately the other SnSScript did the same thing. So now there are no SnSScript programs officially installed according to Win7. However rhino still tries to run it and comes up with the same error message as above.

I'm tempted to just disable it in rhinos plugin options, but would like to remove it properly. Could it be any of the other Scan&Solves installed in that list?


Sorry I didn't see this until today.

If you want to remove the plug-in, you'll have to figure out where it is installed and remove it manually:

1.  In Rhino, go to Tools > Options... > Plug-ins > SnSScript > [Properties...] to bring up the following dialog:

2.  Using the path to the plug-in above, use Windows Explorer to browse to the installation folder for SnSScript and locate unins000.exe:

3.  Close Rhino and double-click on unins000.exe to uninstall the SnSScript WIP that Rhino is trying to load.


Thanks Michael, it appears as though the machine just needed a reboot after the previous step.



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