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I´m using SnS for aprox. calculation of structures in composites. 

Although SnS only works with isotropic materials, it provides me with a very useful approximate value for deflection and stress.

For most of load cases and laminates I deal with (othotropic or quasi-isotropic) results are within the "reasonable".

Not so much time ago or when time or budget does not allow for FEA, composites were/are analythicallly calculated as isotropic materials.

My believe is that SnS is indeed a much better solution than the latest and helps understanding how the structure works.

For this reason I miss having results fort out-of-plane shear, Sxz and Syz. In composites they are important as in laminates is resin who stands for those in the case of flexure. Resin Sxz is in the range of 30MPa compared to 200-300 MPa for laminate Sx or Sy.

As I suppose that SnS handles stress and strain tensor, I wonder if including a Sxz and Syz output would be an easy and inmediate programming task for you?

Thank you for your reply.

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Adding Sxy, Sxz, Syz components would be easy.  You can expect to see them in the next release.

I can't commit to a timescale for that, but I will add them.

How does that sound?



It does sound excellent. SnS would definitely become a complete tool for quick, easy and economic structure analysis. Far easier and accurate than analythic calculation.

Thanks. I look forward to next release!




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