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Hi, I'm very interested in your superb plug-in. I work whit FEM and optical-scanned data. I ask if the plugin can import the file .stl. As  I do I do?


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At present, Scan&Solve works with Rhino solids only. In principle, we can also work with imported meshes using the functionality Rhino provides for partitioning meshes into logical faces. We simply need to learn more about Rhino's handling of this format.

In-house, we have demonstrated linear stress analysis using an experimental solver that works with STL and other mesh formats, so we know it can be done.

Please remind us of your interest in a month or two after we've addressed some of the initial teething pains.

Thank you,
Emanuele, hopefully you have seen the recently posted video showing how to apply S&S to STL models

Also, you can find some explanations in here
Hi, thank you for your reply. I already tried last week with good results. I did some tests with other software such as NEiNastran with excellent results. As a company we offer ourselves as a beta tester for future versions. We are particularly interested in this plug-in because we also have an optical scanning.
Thank you for your work.



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