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I was looking at the task manager how much SnS uses resurces of the computer. The prosessor only uses about 9%, memory under 30 %. The simulation takes more than an hour. Is there some setting in SnS to increase the performance and use of these resurces?

Sorry about the Finnish version of win10. Suoritin = Processor, Muisti = Memory. 

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Actually, Rhino (SnS) uses only 7,5% of CPU and under 1,5 GB of RAM (32 MB).

I'm in a similar situation. It seems to only be using 10% of cpu resources and 2.4 GB of RAM.  I still have 20+ GB of RAM and a lot of processor overhead to throw at simulations.  The lack of memory allocation also seems to be contributing to the unreliability of the program as well (freezing at some arbitrary percentage infinitely).

Is this software still being updated? There seems to be very little activity anywhere for the last 2 years.



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