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Well, I am doing the structural analysis on STL file when I am going to Convergence test, is say that polygon error and it is not extruded component!

Moreover, why the resolution is fixed up to 500000 elements ? why not beyond that resolution ?

Can Any one help me 

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SnSScript does not support simulation with meshes.  Nobody asked for it, so it was never added.  Instead you'll have to run convergence tests on meshes by setting the resolution through the user interface.

500000 elements is the limit that allows simulation of most geometry on most commonly available computers.

Hope that helps.


500,000 doesn't seem like a lot.  Does that number equate to a certain amount of memory or processor time?

That number is simply a limit that will allow simulation to be performed on most geometries without running into problems with memory consumption.


Did you see my wish list post?

Thank you, For your reply. How I will do user interface ?

Use the resolution slider to manually set the resolution.   Run the simulation at that resolution.  Then view the results and record the displacement or stress results for that resolution.  Repeat at whatever resolutions you are interested in.


Thank u



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