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Is there any example of analysis carried out on folded plate structures using sns? Can this be use to analysis thin plate ?

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Could please post (or email to a picture of what you want to analyze and what the restraint/loads may be.   Otherwise,  it is hard to tell what the question is. 

This is the image of the folded origami tessellation that I wish to analise. The joint between panel is a free-hinge and I wish to see its behaviour under self-weight. 

So what you really have here is a large number of thin (essentially 2D) plates connected by hinges.  Scan&Solve currently supports bonded assemblies of 3D solids,  which will not help you.  Sorry.

That's too bad. What if this a piece of folded thin plates? 

If you thicken it into a solid, Scan&Solve will be able to do something with it.  Note that as the thickness of the plate approaches zero, the quality of the results may begin to degrade if there is insufficient resolution (usually aim for 3 elements through the thickness).*


* This will be true of any simulation software that uses solid elements like Scan&Solve.



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