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Running the latest (very impressive) version of SNS.


I've noticed that if one changes the view from 'shaded' (as above) to 'xray' view (as below - wanting to compare the position of high-stress regions with internal features).


Note, the model has not been moved between taking these two screen shots.


In the 'xray' view, the model appears to 'flip' inside out &, depending upon the viewing angle, distort.


It would be great to be able to support views that allow one to peer inside a component (maybe there's away of doing this already?).


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Thanks for pointing this out.  I wasn't even aware there was an X-ray display mode until you pointed this out.  When in X-ray mode on my system, it appears to be drawing all the back faces and skipping those facing the user.  Does this describe what you are seeing on your system?


Hullo Michael - 


Yes - your description pretty much sums up what I'm seeing, although the (sometimes) extreme visual distortion is an additional artefact.





Hello Michael & Hugo


You´re right! It´s very confusing to see what´s happen from normal "shaded" mode to "transparency" mode. It seems that Rhino or SnS switches completely the view from "normal" to another kind of visualisation. This makes no sense. Even if you turn around or move this.


It´s more like a 3D mirror view!


I´ve also attached two pictures:

1.jpg is the shaded view and 2,jpg is the transparent view.


The third picture is the semi-ransparency mode, we discussed at the gallery, Micheal. You can see that this mode will work on all unselected parts of the drawing, but don´t work on the SnS selected solid!




Cannot edit the uploading files. Here´s the third picture!






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