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Hello SnS team!

I´ve done the first tests on the new (pre relase) version. I see that you have designed a torque load, but I haven´t tested it unitl now! What I have done is to test out the Ghosted and X-Ray view mode. But on my Rhino (V4, SR8) version, this wouldn´t work!

Any suggestions?

Best Regards

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Ghosted and X-Ray are not properly supported yet... I was busy adding torques and body loads.  I'll have these fixed in the next release.


I suggest running SnS in view modes other than Ghosted or X-Ray until the next release.



Okay, thanks for this information! But because of it is important to look onto stress levels "inside" a construction, I´m pleased if you can fix this problem!


PS: Torque! Great tool and great job, you´ve done there! I will load some screenshots into the gallery!



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