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is it possible to simulatea a fracture with sns?

solids do deform, but it would be great to simulate their actual fracture area


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Simulating fracture is not possible at present.  Someday...


You could always do a multi-step approach to "mimic" a fracture.


Model and SnS the original part. Note the areas of greatest stress that are likely to fracture.


Re-model the part with a "wedge" cut out of it where you guess the fracture would be then SnS it. Repeat as required.


Not the most accurate approach, but it would give you an idea of what is happening around a facture.

Just realised that the modelled fracture would need to be big enough to accommodate the mesh. ie the gap between each side of the fracture plane would need to be large enough that SnS doesn't think they are connected.



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