Scan-and-Solve for Rhino

Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino

I haven't even downloaded the program yet, but I already have a question  :-)

Will there be a OS X version? Please!

In any case I'm very excited about this program. Thanks!




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Well, we are excited about our users being excited! :-) A serious answer to your question is that, at this point, we simply do not know enough about our users (you!) and demand for Scan&Solve to make such decisions. This technology is so new, so advanced, and so different from a typical unpleasant "analysis experience" that we need all the feedback we can get from the users and early adapters of Scan&Solve. So please, use the software, post examples, share your experience, tell us what you think and what you would like to see in the future -- and we will do what we can to get there. There are just so many wonderful opportunities ahead of us!
Well, thank you for your fast reply! I will download it as soon as I get a chance so much work here at the moment :-) I would use the program mainly for "testing" different design options (product design, chairs, tables, concert hall seating)...
... And if you have a wish list... Please put a OS X version high on that list :-)
I think I'm even more excited now...

All right, now it's downloaded. I'm still excited :-)
I got this (see attachment)... Should I be worried?



It appears to be a result of the language difference between our operating systems -an unexpected twist. Does Scan&Solve work despite the message? Either way, we appreciate your patience while we fix it up.

Thank you,

It appears to work correctly, yes (it did crash Rhino the first time though - no crash dump).
I don't quite understand all the controls yet. A simple introduction and explanation of the (few) options would be nice. When you have time - no big deal :-)

Included in the installation is a very brief "ReadMe.pdf" located in the installation directory. The document describes what the different controls do. On Windows XP, the default location would be C:\Program Files\Scan&Solve\ReadMe.pdf.

I guess we neglected to include any reference to it. We'll correct this on the next release and add a link to it here.

Thanks Michael! I'll take a look.

The "readme" file can now be also found under FAQ tab, as well as on the Getting started window.

Also, I hope that you looked at the short video showing how to perform a simple stress test
Here is the solution:
- launch a search for libiomp5ui.dll on your C: drive
- duplicate the subfolder were you find it and rename that to 1035.

In my system it was here:
C:\Programmi\File comuni\Intel\Shared Files\cpp\Bin\ia32\1041

so I made a copy of the 1041 subfolder, and changed it's name.
Good luck :)

Thank you for the work-around.

This problem should be fixed in the next release.

Thanks guys!




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